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NRGene (TASE: NRGN), a leading genomics AI company and Kayagene, a pioneer in Hemp breeding, are pleased to announce the completion of a milestone in their strategic research collaboration.

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State of Industry

Due to the illicit history of Hemp, the market is experiencing lack of diversity amongst seed genetics circulating the industry.

When breeding new varieties of any crop, traditional methods are slow to produce results, taking on average five to six years for a single new variety to be commercialized.

Utilizing modern, non-GMO, genomic tools, we can cut the Hemp breeding process in half. 

Evolution in breeding technologies will aid in creating appeal and versatility.

Path to Present

From Kayagene’s inception, the company has invested heavily in genomic tools.

We were the first to have not only one, but three high quality fully phased genomes. These are critical in setting the foundation for our suite of genomic tools. 

Quickly seeing the value for growers to utilize day-neutral or “autoflower” genetics, we set out to identify molecular markers for this trait. By placing an emphasis on breeding autoflower varieties, Kayagene will accelerate hemp into the future.  

Future Proof

The future of Hemp breeding is dependent upon capturing the remaining diversity in the crop and being good stewards of that resource.

Kayagene is advancing the industry through the development of highly competitive, vigorous and reliable Hemp genetics.

We’re collaborating with breeders, seed companies and processors to create custom varieties suitable for unique audiences and essential market needs.

advancing breeding technology

Through extensive R&D, our molecular breeding technologies deliver Hemp varieties with custom cannabinoid and terpene profiles, relevant to today’s market.

Field and Agronomy Expertise

With exponential growth across diverse regions, it’s important to obtain field trial data on varieties: terpene profiles, cannabinoid content, adaptability to various environments (humidity, heat, season, etc.)


Expertise You Can Trust

Our team has 60+ years of breeding and commercial agriculture experience.


Supporting Industry Growth

We donate a significant amount of seeds and allocate a generous portion of our R&D budget to collaborate with universities to advance the understanding of the crop. Information from these projects is made publicly available.

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