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Autoflower Planting Density + Economics

Based upon university and commercial trials, a higher planting density has many benefits. Those benefits include better canopy cover to combat competition from weeds and reduced evaporation of water from the soil.

Additionally, for autoflower varieties such as Maverick and Pipeline, the potential yield gains at higher densities greatly improves the growers net returns per acre.

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Hemp Variety Planting Guide

Below are common bed configurations listed based upon center-to-center measurements.

To use the guide, follow these simple steps:

  1. Identify the variety that you are growing
  2. Locate your bed configuration
  3. Identify the number of lines to plant per bed
  4. Identify the space between plants in-line
  5. Your total planting density per acre is listed in column four (4).

Kayagene Commercial Trial Data

We pride ourselves on having informed answers and are always striving to provide the information they need to yield success with Kayagene varieties. We feel that Q.C. is essential to our customer’s success, therefore, we go the extra mile to test our products with our customer’s through Kayagene’s trialing program. 

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"Our efforts allow us to better advise on optimal planting densities, dates, and growing practices related to Kayagene varieties."

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